We are an essential service and will remain open for any lock-downs.

Please be advised that we do not discriminate against anyone for any reason.


Our availability is reduced due to the increase of time between appointments to allow for additional time to sanitize the clinic space and complete documentation.

We appreciate your understanding!

Things to know when booking your massage at our clinic:

  • If you are feeling or displaying any symptoms of Covid-19, please cancel your treatment as soon as possible and defer your appointment for a minimum of 2 weeks from initial symptoms.
  • If you have received the Covid-19 vaccine/booster, we would appreciate if you deferred your appointment 2 weeks from the date of injection.
  • Please wear a mask when entering the clinic unless you have a medical exemption or are requiring us to accommodate your Ontario Human Rights Code.
  • Please remove your shoes and wash hands upon entering the clinic space. Hand sanitizer will also be made available to you.
  • We will go through a required questionnaire from public health that entails a Covid-19 symptom checklist that you and your therapist will fill in together and sign. This information will be kept in your chart.
  • The therapist will be wearing a face mask.
  • The therapist will be cleaning all common touch areas, and any areas the previous client may have touched between treatments and replacing all linens that have/may have been touched by the previous client.

For more information pertaining to Covid-19 and regional regulations in Vaughan please visit the York Region Website