Welcome to Glow Massage!


We are so glad you are here.

We hope the information within our website helps you find what you are looking for.


At Glow Massage we aim to create and maintain a safe space for all. A space to allow your body to release the tension, pain and dis-ease within our bodies, and a space to achieve ease and sense of well-being. We hope that as we treat you, you tune back into your wholly body so that you can find the exact tools you are needing in this moment to bring healing in.

We intend to listen to what you are needing and help as best as we can. Lovingly, we want you to become comfortable again with and in your body and to give back to your body the way it has been asking you all along.

We hope that you will leave our space feeling more embodied, present and peaceful, and may your body thank you for this time you spent caring for it.



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