At Glow Massage we understand that massage therapy is not the ONLY answer to your health care!

We believe that when we add complimentary therapies to the process, we can achieve optimal results and hopefully bring you on a path to health in the most effective way.

Here are some of the other amazing therapies/therapists we have either worked with or have had treatment with that we feel confident in referring:

Homeopathy/German New Medicine/

Body Talk/Reconnective Healing:

Homeopathy along with all the other modalities listed can sometimes be exactly what is needed to bring the body back into balance to allow it to be in optimal alignment to allow the natural healing your body so wisely know how to do. With great confidence, I know you are in good hands when you have treatment with Lisa Boyd.





Lisa Boyd

7700 Pine Valley Dr #202, Woodbridge, ON L4L 2X4




8077 Islington Avenue, Suite 205
Woodbridge, ON, L4L 7X7




Physiotherapy + Chiropractics

"I have been seeing the therapists at My Physio Sport for a few years now, and they have helped me through general muscular dysfuntions as well as my post of for my carpal tunnel surgery. I love how they pull together all of their knowledge and are willing to try new approaches to bring healing in for my body and it's needs."

- Gloria Brooks


My Physio Sport provides an enjoyable experience to their patients by providing them with individualized treatment plans and manual physiotherapy and chiropractic sessions with their head therapists, in order to help them manage their injuries and pain. Their therapists have extensive past and current experience working with top professional athletes from the WTA, ATP NHL, MLB and various Olympic teams, and they bring that level of care to you.



Everyone suffers from injuries throughout life and although the diagnosis of which structure is affected is important, it is equally as important to determine what caused this injury, and provide quality rehab care.

  • We utilize the most advanced techniques and modalities to treat your condition
  • Our clinic is equipped with the most up to date technology for rehab care
  • We offer Direct Billing to our patients for most insurance companies to make it easier for you to receive the care you require

Fascial Stretch Therapy + Personal Training:

"I have to say... this treatment is AWESOME!!!! When delivered by amazing therapists this treatment can make you feel whole again! Through an unfortunate circumstance that happened in my family, I was exposed to a wonderful woman named Emily Delea and I don't know what I would've done with out her during my pregnancy!" - Gloria Brooks





Emily Delea, Movement Therapist, Fascial Stretch Therapist, ELDOA practitioner, Personal Trainer and Thai Yoga Massage Therapist


"Throughout the past decade and a half Emily has enhanced her knowledge and treatment modalities by becoming Eastern Canada’s first Level 3 Fascial Stretch Therapist, a student of Kinesis Myofascial Integration (KMI), a certified Thai Yoga Massage therapist.  Balancing that, her movement training includes components learned from her 500 hour Ashtanga Yoga teacher training at Downward Dog in Toronto, her Level 2 Kettle Bell Specialist certification, and her classes with ViPR creator Michol Dalcourt
Emily uses her hands on skills as a Fascial Stretch Therapist / Student of Structural Integration and her knowledge of restorative movement to improve flexibility, reduce pain, and add fluidity to client's bodies. She has clients from the age of 5 to 90 and has been blessed to be able to help people recover from sports injuries, car accidents, surgery (scarring from lumpectomies and mastectomies in particular are conducive to fascial work), excessive weight, and even bad postures." - taken from Leslieville Sanctuary Website

I'm just saying.... she's pretty AWESOME!


Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation:

I have had the wonderful opportunity to work alongside a really amazing Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation team! I am so grateful to have the knowledge and experience I have obtained from being exposed to conditions pertaining to the pelvic floor and to working with some fantastic therapists! If you are thinking that there may be something going on with your pelvic floor  (i.e. Increased or decreased frequency to urinate, incontinence, complications with child birth, surgery...) I would HIGHLY recommend you at least get assessed by a Pelvic Floor Therapist and then see what your options are from there.

I cannot recommend any one therapist for PFR (Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation)

I am going to recommend you go to this site and find a therapist that is closest to you. All of these therapist have been trained by AMAZING physios that are leaders in their field and truly care about your recovery and health management. I am confident in these therapists.


Here are the clinics I used to work with if you would like to see one of the therapists there:

Aurora Prime Physiotherapy & Sports Rehabilitation

372 Hollandview Trail, Suite 107
Aurora, ON


The Physiotherapy Professionals

9100 Jane St. BLDG A, Suite 102
Vaughan, ON


Complete Physiotherapy

205-10168 Yonge St
Richmond Hill, ON


Melanie Huestis - Energy Alchemist

@melaniehuestis - Instagram



"I have been seeing Melanie for years for energy healing and Reiki training+healing. She has transformed my life and has added to empowering me into all that I am here to be. I am forever grateful." - Gloria Brooks








Here is a recent post she had posted in June 2022

"I don’t usually talk about my credentials but in case you were wondering:

✨Hons BA in Criminology
✨Certified Professional Life Coach
✨Certified Energy Healer
✨Reiki Master Teacher

I also have additional training in:

✨Somatic experiencing
✨Trauma recovery
✨Cognitive behavioural therapy
✨Neurolinguistic programming

I know how to:

✨Do past life clearings
✨Talk to Spirit
✨Read your body
✨Alchemize energy
✨See you as your beautiful self and reflect that back to you (my fave)!

I’m currently working on:

✨Getting certified in hypnosis

So why don’t I talk about this stuff normally? Because it’s not where the magic lies. We can take all the courses we want, but until we integrate the practices and experience them for ourselves, it’s only knowledge … and experience is what matters most. Which leads me to the list I prefer to share:

✨I’ve experienced and healed a lot of my own trauma
✨I had a nervous breakdown and learned how to love life again
✨I’m that person that everyone tells their darkest secrets to (even strangers)
✨I know that our deepest healing lies in the dark (and I’m not afraid to go there with you)
✨I have decades of experience in helping others so the same
✨I know how to love you through this, because I’ve done it for myself

As humans we are a beautiful blend of light and dark, spirit and flesh, magic and mess … and I’m here for all of it. So now you know a little bit about why I am qualified to work with you ... and why I really don’t give a damn that I am.

Want more info? Reach out. I promise I don’t bite (even if you want me to)."

Katie Lipman

Registered Massage Therapist

Intuitive Coach

Creator of Sacred Vibrations


Katie, is a dear friend of mine. I have done coaching with her, had many massages by her and have been supported in so many ways by her.

If you are looking for some support in your life by someone who is also actively working at allowing her self to heal through what life is calling her to heal through, this is your woman. She is empathetic all while giving your the hard truths, that we sometimes don't want to hear, packed with a whole lot of love.



"I believe that life is better when we co-create and collaborate with other souls. When we allow those around us to share in our healing journey and we share in theirs, we empower one another to be the best version of ourselves that we can be. You are never alone." - Katie Lipman